New Trophies

W J Sanders since 1911 have designed and crafted many of Australia’s most prestigious sporting trophies. Today we continue to make many different styles of high quality trophies including cups, shields, plates, statuettes etc.

We craft our high quality trophies in sterling silver or if requested other base metals including nickle silver, brass and copper. Importantly, any embellishment such as engraving or hand chasing are undertaken prior to the silver or gold plating.

Our trophies are all individually hand crafted, and beautifully finished thus ensuring they will be around for many year’s to come. Many of the historic trophies we have made in past years are today eagerly “sought after” by collectors.

Much of our work graces the trophy cabinets of the major golf, racing, sporting, boating and sailing clubs throughout Australia. We generally make on a commission basis to your - or our design. Our website displays to you a range of various different trophies we have recently made.

You can follow our crafting of the prestigious Australian Men’s Tennis Trophy and The Making of the Melbourne by clicking on HOME and then SANDERS VIDEOS on this website.

New Trophies