Britannia Metal, Pewter & Antimony

Used prolifically during the Victorian period though until the 1930's, Britannia metal is a soft metal similar to pewter. Unfortunately Britannia metal corrodes over time and forms a scale that needs to be stripped off electrically and then polished back to the base metal before plating.

We restore many pieces of Britannia on the proviso that only the best possible job can and will be done. Restoration is usually very labour intensive and expensive. A large number of manufacturers stamped their pieces EPBM. (Electro Plated Britannia Metal).

Similar in composition to Britannia metal, American pewter in particular, used antimony as a hardener and was often referred to as antimony. From the mid nineteenth century pewter alloys were often used as a base metal for silver-plated objects. As with Britannia metal the restoration of such pieces are labour intensive, as the object must be polished back to the base metal prior to plating.

W.J. Sanders