Our Crafting Skills

Our skills are not limited to silver smithing. As the manufacturing base declines in Australia we are more often being asked to custom make or replicate various heritage pieces especially by architects and builders. This also applies to making missing parts during the restoration process such as the missing pieces.

Our Craftsmen

Our silversmiths work miracles both making and restoring a wide range of silverware from the most ornate pieces to a simple silver spoon. Today there is no formal training for the many the skill's that are used by our craftsmen - the young employee's generally come from a jewellery or metalwork apprenticeship and are taught many more traditional skills by the older experienced staff.

Most of the work is extremely labour intensive as prior to any silver or gold plating every piece of metal has to be machine hand polished back to the base metal. Such work requires tremendous hand to eye co-ordination and concentration, as with the slip of the hand an important engraving or historic marking could be erased.